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Q. I have a dryer that takes way to long to dry. Is there any thing I can do to fix this?


A.   Actually there is something you can do! If you look at the back or your dryer you will see a 4 inch vent hose. If this hose is kinked or obstructed it could take twice as long to dry your close causing damage to your dryer not to mention more power consumption. So look behind the dryer and check for a kinked vent hose. Also checked the vent exit on the out side of your house, if it's on the roof call a professional vent cleaner or chimney sweep. After all this and the dryer still takes to long to dry, call us for service.


Q.  My front load washer has a small leak. After a load of laundry i will see a small puddle in front of the washer. I'm worried it will damage my washer. What can I do?


A.   On front load washers there is only a small amount of pressure between the glass and the door boot that make the seal. So a single strand of hair will create enough of a gap to cause a leak. Make sure to wipe the underside of the glass door and door boot after every use.

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