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Refrigerator & Freezer Tips

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Keep refrigerator condenser clean

Refrigerator condenser coils are responsible for removing heat from refrigerators and freezers. They’re the large, radiator-like coils located at the back or beneath the unit. Encinitas, Carlsbad, Del Mar, Solana Beach, and Cardiff By The Sea are costal so dust and dirt cling to the coils easy due to high humidty, it’s harder for the refrigerator to remove heat. The result is increased energy consumption. Without regular cleaning, this can lead to cooling problems and costly refrigerator repairs. Use this long-handled bristle brush and a vacuum to easily and efficiently clean off the coils. Follow your refrigerator owner’s manual for specific instructions related to it. 



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Keep door gaskets clean, replace when needed

The gasket is the rubber seal that outlines your refrigerator and freezer doors. It’s an often overlooked part that has the critical job of sealing out warm air. Clean it periodically with a universal cleaner such as Goo Gone Concentrated Spray. Over time, gaskets wear and no longer seal the way refrigerators and freezers need to operate efficiently. It’s common for gaskets to weaken, loosen and tear within just a few years. When this happens, warm air enters the interior of the refrigerator or freezer, making it work harder to remove the heat.

That means more energy consumed and higher bills for you. Fortunately, gaskets are common and usually in stock at you local appliance part distribution center. Below are some images of a damaged refrigerator door gasket and the result of a damaged refrigerator door gasket.


A refrigerator not cooling can be caused by almost anything. The most common cause of a refrigerator to not cool will be on the electrical side of the unit. An elctronic control, a motor start device, an inverter, a component from the defrost system, or a condenser or an evaporater motor.  Some parts are universal others are propietary and specific to model, all of these factors are variables that determine cost of repair

We offer refrigerator repair in the following cities:

Encinitas, Cardiff by the Sea,Carlsbad, Solana Beach, 

Oceanside, Camp Pendleton,

 San Elijo Hills, Del Mar,
Rancho Santa Fe,

 Vista, Carmel Valley, San Marcos, Valley Center, Escondido, UTC, La Jolla,  Poway.

5/5 Stars on Yelp

Doug W.   Nov 14, 2015

"Purchased groceries on Friday, for a dinner party on Sunday, Sat my fridge is out.  I called GE,  they said "no service available  for ten days.Went to Yelp, found North county Appliance Repair. Pablo answered, he said-"fridges come first, I'll be right over". By 10 AM it was fixed. That alone deserves commendation. However Pablo was also courteous, professional, and  very reasonable.  I am pleased to reccomend them.
Thank you"

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